Lemon Cayenne Water

by laurri on October 26, 2012

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Lemon Cayenne Water 

Mixing these three ingredients together happens to be one of the best things to drink first thing every morning because of how it will help aid in the detoxification of our bodies.

There is a theory that says that the body’s natural biological detox clock starts during the early morning and ends around 12 p.m.  Some effects from this interesting phenomenon may be morning bad breath, morning bowel movements or a tongue that’s coated when waking up.

When we include a morning detox beverage with a natural morning excretion process, miracles may occur, energy levels can increase, and a healthier body is created.

By aiding the body’s natural detox process with lemon cayenne water, we help move the process along more effectively and quicker.   The body will not only release toxins from the intestines but it will also help clean other areas like pancreas, liver, or kidneys.

There are several researched reasons on why lemon and cayenne are chosen over other ingredients for this morning detox beverage.

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Lemons have been known to have some great benefits because of the flavonoids and citric acid that it contains.   Lemon juice has always been known to be a great digestion aid.  It also is known for it’s ability to destroy bacteria and clean the liver and kidney and remove the toxins.  Similar to cayenne, it is also great at destroying fungus and boosting an immune system.

fat burning foodsCayenne

It’s anti-inflammatory elements have been known to help stimulate the circulatory system, improve our metabolism and digestive systems.  It has also been shown to curb the appetite. Cayenne also has the power to keep our blood sugar to an optimal level.  As above explains, cayenne will also destroy fungus and inevitably make our immune systems stronger.


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