Menopause causes stomach fat, not weight gain

by laurri on October 26, 2012


I need to lose weightA common idea about menopause causing weight gain was recently researched and found to not be true.  Although weight gain is not connected to menopause, gaining stomach fat during this same period is true.  The underlying reason for this phenomenon is the redistribution process of fat storage during menopause. The fat often is picked up from other areas of the body and sent straight to the waist line.

However, according to David L. Katz there are some activities that can be performed during that time for fat loss.

1. Consume a lot of fruits,vegetables, and legumes

2. Stay physically active

Brisk walking and many other aerobic exercises strengthen the muscles which inevitably increases the metabolic rat. In addition, weight bearing exercises will strengthen the muscles as well and serve as a great source for burning calories before and after.

fat burner3. Consume Omega 3 Fatty Acids

  • Known to be insulin resistant, Omega 3 play a major role in inflammation and weight loss


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