Brain is told what to do by the gut?

by laurri on October 23, 2012

the brain is influenced by the bacteria in our gutResearch has proven that certain types of brain disorders (depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, etc) may be connected to our gut.

After investigating,researchers were able to find that there were forty individual genes located in our brains that were being influenced by the presence of bacteria in our gut.

Specific genes could be controlled to turn on or off by these specific types of bacteria.  In addition, the nerve functioning was also affected.

Some possible reasons for this phenomenon are the possibility of the bacteria being found in the bloodstream which eventually leads to the brain.  Another explanation is the fact there are some nerves located outside of the brain and in the body that actually control the communication process between the gut and brain.

This type of research confirms that Probiotics and fermented foods like Kefir do not only play an important digestive role but also may improve mental health as well.

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