Five steps for weight loss success

by laurri on October 29, 2012

weight loss


Physical improvement comes more easily when the goals we set are focused on the future rather than just the present.
Listed below are five suggestions for helping us obtain our health goals:

focusState goal in positive format

Focusing on the positive allows the body and mind to work in the same direction.  This helps us to visualize exactly what we want.

It has been said before that what we focus on is what we get more of.

Rather than using words like losing (ie. losing weight or losing fat) in our goals, our goals can include words like gaining (ie. gaining muscle strength or stamina).   This helps the mind focus on what we want rather than what we do not want.

Detailed Goals

A detailed positive goal increases the chances of success as well.  A clear focused goal is easier to picture and we will know what it will look like when we have accomplished it.

Daily Goal Reminders

Daily goal reminders help us keep the goal at the forefront of our mind.  Our chances of staying committed increase.  Looking  at our detailed and positive goals every morning and night will allow us to evaluate our progress often and make adjustments if needed.


A recent buzz word that could be replacing affirmations, afformations are questions rather than statements.  The theory behind this is that when we ask our mind detailed and positive questions, the brain will more likely respond in a natural and positive way.

What a pretty interesting concept.

For example, if our health goal was to obtain a 32 inch waist, we may state our afformation in the following way:

“Why is obtaining a 32 inch waist coming so naturally for me?”

Or if that is a bit hard to chew, then we can focus on the smaller steps that will get us to that main goal like:

“Why is it easy for me to exercise right now?”


“Why am I making such healthy food choices lately?”

These three questions are only the beginning to a vast amount of questions we could ask ourselves.  They serve to help us inevitably to think positive and stay committed until reaching our goal.



It has been quoted before that:

Persistence is the twin sister of excellence. One is a matter of quality, the other, a matter of time.

Often in life, those things that we want most are going to take some time and effort to accomplish.   In fact, many times we will often face some adversity before we see the results.

At these times, it’s may become more important to focus on what we are getting to rather than what we are going through.

 By writing our goals into detailed and positive questions, our minds will definitely focus more on the positive side of life.  This in effect, will allow the likelihood of success to increase in each of our lives.

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