Weight loss is tax deductible

by Laurri on November 29, 2012

weight loss

Perhaps the following information may help one to end this 2012 year or prepare year 2013 with more money.

According to the following articles, many weight loss program are  tax deductible.




Although this IRS tax information has been around for awhile, many may not be aware of it.

Some of the requirements for claiming it as a tax deductible are the following:

  • Must be diagnosed by a physician as overweight to deduct costs of service
  • Must be a medically supervised weight reduction program like Weight Watchers and many others
  • A doctor’s prescription saying that weight loss is medically necessary
  • A person must have a BMI of at least 28

A BMI can be defined simply as the amount one ways in pounds divided by their height in square feet.

losing weight fast


Losing weight fast will not only help the size of your pocket book but also help with the size of the pocket your money is put in.









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