20 Ways to Find the Motivation to Workout When You Don’t Want To

find the motivation to workout

There are so many reasons we should work out – and we do want to.

We know it’ll improve our physical health, drop weight, give us more energy, and all the rest. But the walk from bed or the office to the gym can feel impossible some days.

The best idea is to incorporate some motivators into your everyday life.

To get you started, we are giving you 20 ways to find the motivation to workout right here!

20 Ways to Find the Motivation to Workout

It feels like every other week there is another expert with another reason why we should work out. Skin tone, creative thinking, better sleep, more sex, endorphin hit, longer life. The list is endless.

Yet even with all that knowledge, some days it’s still tough to find the motivation to workout. We get it. We’re here to help.

We’re dropping 20 ways to find the motivation to workout, right here.

Just for you.


1. Make a New Playlist

Music is a universal motivator. If you want to go harder, jump higher, lift heavier, maybe it’s time to get a new playlist together. Put on the playlist you workout to and it will surprise you how easy it is to trick your mind into action!

2. Enlist a Friend

Social pressure – it’s our best friend and our worst enemy! Get an office-mate to join you on lunchtime runs, or a neighbor to join you in spin class. Knowing that someone is relying on you or waiting for you there in class is a great way to keep your workout happening.

3. Make a Realistic Goal

If you’ve never run a marathon before, don’t make it your goal. You’ll either get injured or frustrated at the slow progress or both. Start with small, realistic goals. Write the goal and tick it off in a visible place so that achieving your small but growing goals will push you every day.

4. Disconnect

Have you ever gotten dressed and ready for a workout, stopped at the door to read a work email ….and an hour later you’re still there, staring at your screen? Once you’ve decided to workout, put your phone on plane mode. Urgent calls will still reach you, but you’ll put other distractions on hold.

5. Make It a Habit

Old habits die hard, so they say. So make your workout your habit. Make it something you always do’. Incorporate it into your day, as transport – ride or walk all or part of the way to work.

6. Put on the Gear

The night before, put your gear by the bed. In the morning, put it on. Don’t commit to more than that. We promise once you’ve got your gear on you’ll be a short step away from grabbing keys and walking out the door to workout.

7. Remember the Endorphin Hit

You feel amazing post-workout, right? You need a way to help unmotivated pre-workout you remember that. Record some audio post-workout about how good you feel and make it your alarm.

8. Mix It Up

If you’re finding it hard to motivate yourself to do the same run three times a week, mix it up. Run a different place, or play with pace throughout the workout. Better yet, play some football or try rock-climbing. Workouts should be fun.

9. Join a Group

We are social beings. Make that work for you. Join an exercise group in the park or a running group at work. You won’t want them thinking you’re slacking off so you’re more likely to turn up, and more likely to put in the effort once there.

10. Keeping Yourself Honest

Add some social pressure to the mix. Tell your partner, desk-buddy, room-mate, even your mom, what your goal is. Have them check in to see how you went, and keep you honest.

11. Track Progress

Make a note of how much more you are lifting or running each week. It will surprise you how motivating it is to see how much you’re improving, and how much closer you’re getting to your goal each time.

12. Sign up for a Challenge

If it’s getting tricky heading out a few times a week to train, raise the stakes. Pick a big event, like an ocean swim, a triathlon, or a long run. Use that big goal to motivate you in your weekly training.

13. Find Encouragement

Work out what motivates you best. For some, it’s fear – so they use the Zombies, Run! app. If zombies chasing you is not your core motivator, find out what it is and use it!

14. Reward Yourself

Workouts should be fun and enjoyable – and we bet most of the time they are. There’s no reason you can’t boost the reward though. Keep the rewards connected to the workout though. There is no point in rewarding yourself with chocolate cake after every Pilates session if the whole point was weight loss.

15. Distract Yourself

If sweating is not your thing, find the other motivators. Take your phone or camera to snap the sunrise or sunset.

16. Make It a Social Event

Everyone is so busy these days. Instead of deciding between workout and socializing, combine the two. Instead of meeting friends at a bar, set up a casual football game or a tennis match.

17. Make It Child’s Play

One way to work out is to take along your kids or your nephews and nieces. Children are fun – and tireless! What better way to get you motivated than to take them to the nearest sports ground for a runaround.

18. Gamify

Approach your workout as a kid would – make it playful. Turn your workout progress into an office or friend-circle competition.

19. Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Tell yourself you’re only doing a few miles to warm up. At some point, you’ll want to head home, and covering the distance home doubled your workout!

20. Fight That Voice

The biggest de-motivator is that little voice in your head that tells you how warm the bed is, that you’ll do the workout later, that there’s no point anyway. Focus, instead, on the other voice. The more you focus on the positive voice the stronger it’ll get.

Now It’s Workout Time!

I bet you’ve got your running shoes on already, right?

No excuses now, you’ve got 20 great tips to help you find the motivation to workout, and regularly!

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