African Mango Clinical Studies

Both of these studies show significant benefits of using the African Mango Supreme for weight loss, as well as numerous additional health benefits. Below you’ll find our synopsis for both studies, to better understand the results as well as the significance of those results.

Study 1

What the researchers in this study found was that the  seed extract significantly assisted weight loss as well as reduced waistline circumference and fat loss. The individuals taking the fruit lost an average of about 28 pounds, as well as nearly 7 inches from their waist. Their body fat was reduced by 18.4%. This study shows that the individuals who took the extract lost significantly more weight than those who took the placebo. Some highlights of the study include:

  • Significantly Greater Weight Loss
  • Significantly Greater Inches Lost from Waist
  • Significantly Reduced Body Fat
  • Significantly Lowered Cholesterol
  • Significantly Lowered Blood Glucose Levels

The study was published in a peer review journal and shows significant benefits of this combined  extract. The results point to the conclusion that individuals can seriously benefit from taking this extract in the study dosage of 150mg twice per day.

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Study 2

Researchers in this study found that individuals taking the fruit’s extract on a regular basis experience significantly lower levels of bad cholesterol than those who are not taking it. Interestingly enough, while the bad cholesterol levels decreased, the good cholesterol levels increased. Some of the highlights of this study include:

  • A 46% decrease in the bad cholesterol.
  • A 47% increase in the good cholesterol.
  • Peer-reviewed study.
  • Double blind study with placebo control.

Overall, although this study was relatively small, the changes in individuals’ cholesterol levels were extremely significant. This study should serve as a reason for other groups and experts to perform more studies on African Mango and the benefits of the product.

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