Shop and Eat Locally: 7 Incredible Benefits of Farmer’s Markets

benefits of farmers market

Are you thinking about dropping by your local farmer’s market this weekend?

Farmers markets are on the rise on the U.S. 8,600 markets are currently registered in the USDA Farmer’s Markets Directory.

It can be lovely wandering a farmer’s market on a Saturday morning, browsing local art, tasty bites, and fresh produce. Supporting your community’s farmer’s market can also mean doing your part to support local businesses.

Yet farmer’s markets can actually offer more benefits than meet the eye. In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of farmer’s markets you can take advantage of this coming weekend!

1. Find Organic, Pesticide-Free Produce

The U.S. uses over 1 billion tons of pesticides every year for agricultural and farming purposes. Pesticides are used to rid crops of pesky bugs that can inhibit plant growth and vitality.

However, pesticides can eventually end up in the produce we eat, especially non-organic produce. The USDA defines organic produce as any produce grown in soil free of prohibited substances, including insecticides and pesticides.

In most cases, simply washing your non-organic fruits and veggies thoroughly before use is enough to keep these substances from entering your body. Yet pesticides can actually reside within the produce itself!

Most farmers offering their produce at farmer’s markets will be selling organic, pesticide-free, or naturally-treated fruits and veggies. You can feel confident that you are purchasing produce that is the best for your body at your local farmer’s market.

What’s more, if you aren’t sure whether or not a certain booth sells pesticide-free produce, the farmer herself (or a representative) will likely be there. Just ask a question to be sure.

2. Farmer’s Markets are Family-Friendly

It can be tough identifying weekend activities for family members, especially during the summer. If you’re tired of dragging the kiddos to the local pool, bring them to a farmer’s market for a family-friendly event.

Many farmer’s markets offer more than just booths selling produce, art, and other wares. Some will have live music, food trucks, and activities designed especially for kids.

You can even make visits to the farmer’s market a summer or fall tradition in your family. Traditions can bring family members together and generate valuable memories you won’t forget for years to come.

3. Show Your Commitment to Local Artisans

Farmer’s markets are increasingly encompassing all local artisans, giving painters, sculptors, furniture makers, and beyond an opportunity to showcase their work. In some communities, even kids have joined the line-up for market displays.

One of the greatest benefits of farmer’s markets lies in their ability to support local artisans. It can be tough to make it on your own as an artist and entrepreneur in any community, and markets can be the starting point for most of these artisans.

Wander your town’s farmer’s market to show you care about these local artisans. Purchasing goods from these suppliers rather than a national or generic manufacturer can also bolster your town’s economy, making it more self-sufficient.

4. Meet Like-Minded Folk

Farmer’s markets are great places to meet new friends and acquaintances.

In most cases, these people will share similar values or preferences. For example, you may bond with that one college student who also visits the same produce stand you visit every Saturday morning.

Perhaps you strike up a conversation with a local beekeeper and discover that you both have a passion for honey. Maybe your farmer’s market will give you a great opportunity to network, connecting you with fellow musicians, business owners, and artists.

This can be particularly valuable if you live in an isolated area or feel as if you are struggling to find a community within a big, busy city. Head to your farmer’s market to expand your own community.

5. Get Inspired

Walking around a farmer’s market can offer its own powerful dose of inspiration, especially when it comes to creativity. You may find that your farmer’s market gives you the inspiration to start your own booth, pick up painting again, or get into the world of organic farming.

Farmer’s markets can be a great reminder of what your specific community has to offer. It can be easy to overlook such creative potential when caught up in work or staying at home on the weekends.

Get fired up for your next passion project by visiting your farmer’s market, whether your project is healthy eating, exercise, art, or meeting new people.

6. Limit Your Waste

There’s no denying it: we are living in a world that generates a lot of waste, the majority of which comes from food. One of the biggest culprits of landfill waste is packaging used in food production, such as plastic bags, wrappers, and containers.

Farmer’s markets are often low-waste, meaning that they encourage shoppers to bring their own cloth bags or containers to fill with produce and goods. A lot of suppliers may also offer eco-conscious, sustainable packaging options, such as paper or cloth.

Limiting your own waste can help keep the wrong things out of landfills. It can also mean doing your part to reduce plastic pollution in the world.

Visit your local farmer’s market as a key component of your low-waste grocery shopping!

7. Change Your Diet

In most cases, farmer’s markets offer a slew of healthy, organic ingredients that can positively influence your diet. Fresh veggies, homemade bread, and organic fruits can all inspire you to change your own diet for the better.

You may find that regular trips to your farmer’s market encourage you to implement more fibrous vegetables into your daily meals. You may trade fresh farmer’s market strawberries for that ice cream bar.

Over time, a healthier diet can have transformative effects on your own physiology, relationships, and even career!

Final Thoughts: Benefits of Farmer’s Markets

The benefits of farmer’s markets are somewhat endless. Markets are a wonderful source of local, organic produce, making them a key component of health-conscious lifestyles.

Visiting your local farmer’s market can also give you a chance to support your local artisans and economy. You may find some inspiration for your own creative pursuits at a farmer’s market, and markets are a great family-friendly activity!

At African Mango Supreme, we believe in everyone’s ability to get healthy naturally. Have some thoughts about your own journey to health? We’d love to hear!